Who doesn’t love Victoria Secret hair? Those soft sexy Goddess curls!! If you’re obsessed like me then I am about to blow your mind. This method of curling hair is what all the Hairstylists do behind the scenes of any fashion show, it’s our go-to hack when we have all but 2 minutes to curl the hair of 20 supermodels!! 

The quickest way to curl hair – how hairstylists do it and you can to.

Before I tell you this life-changing curl hack, I want to point out that this way of curling is only designed to last maybe 5-6 hours, it’s not an ideal way of curling if you have an all-night event, if you are getting married or plan to sweat it up on the dance floor all night. However, if you are going out for dinner, going for an interview, having lunch with a friend or maybe taking some photos then this is perfect!


What You Will Need

  • Flexible Hold Mousse. We use Paul Mitchels flexible style sculpting foam, but don’t feel you have to use this brand, as it can be a bit expensive. Try Schwarzkopf Taft Curling Mousse, its just as good and a 1/4 of the price. You will also need a medium to strong hold hair spray.
  • 4-5 section clips
  • A tail comb or use your fingers to section
  • Curling wand

  1. Put a golf ball size of mousse onto your wet hair, roots to tips. If your hair is thick or very long add a little more. Then blast this with a hairdryer for 2 minutes until the mousse is no longer wet.
  2. Section your hair into 4-5 vertical sections all away around the head. Think of it like you are slicing up a cake. Even slices all the way around
  3. Using a curling wand wrap each section of hair around the wand. So in total, you should wrap 4-5 sections. Make sure your hair curler is pointing vertically down (not horizontally) when wrapping your hair around it. When you release it make sure you gently unwrap the hair, catch the curl in your hand and place it down gently. Please be gentle as the curl would not have set completely and will only set once it’s completely cooled. Repeat with all sections
  4. INDUSTRY TIP: Make sure you curl the pieces that frame your face, in the direction that is away from your face, ie. backwards, so that you look more like a Victoria Secret model and less Goldie Locks.
  5. Once you have curled all sections, then with a little serum or any light-weight defrizz styling product in your hands, run your hands through your hair to break up the curls. You can choose to use a wide-tooth comb and brush through the rest. When finished set it with a tiny bit of hairspray (don’t weigh it down with too much hair spray). And taaah daaaah…. quick curls in a few mins.Try this lookout and let me know how you go. I have done this on myself and with my long thick hair it took me 4 mins and 35 seconds, yes I timed it ;)If you’re interested in learning other hacks and you’re in Melbourne why not check out our face to face courses? If you’re an international visitor then keep in touch as we are releasing our online course very soon. Chat to you guys soon xox

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