Terms & Conditions: Face-To-Face Courses



All face-to-face courses will be conducted on the premises. In the event of a lockdown, the class will be temporarily moved online for the duration of the lockdown. However, students will be given the opportunity to do that class again, in a face-to-face setting, once the lockdown has been lifted, that way the student will not miss out on the face to face experience. The student will have 12 months to enrol themselves and attend the face to face course.



The enrolled student authorises the Academy of Hair and Makeup Pty Ltd to withdraw the course fees directly from their nominated credit card enlisted upon checkout.

A non-refundable and non-transferrable deposit is required for each enrolled course. This deposit serves to reserve your place in our course for that specific course date(s), and as a result we decline any other students who wish to enrol in your place.

All courses can be paid in full or can be paid via our payment plan. Our payment plan deduction requires the student to pay 50% of the balance (after deposit) on their first day of class, and the remaining 50% of their balance on week 5 of their course. If the deduction is declined or delayed on behalf of the student then a $50 compounding late fee will apply every week until the balance is up to date. The Academy of Hair and Makeup reserves the right to withdraw a student from their course if the student does not pay their tuition fee on time, no refunds will be given to the amount already paid.

All Credit Cards and transfers will incur a surcharge of 1.9% per transaction

The Academy of Hair and Makeup Pty Ltd reserves the right to cancel or amend any course that does not have the required minimum enrolment numbers

No refunds will be given for any classes rendered, irrespective of the student’s attendance. No refunds will be given for deposits. Unless the item is faulty and returned within 24hours of purchase, no refunds will be given for any products or items sold.

Certificates will be issued to students who complete at least 80% of their course and who complete their final assessment within an issued time frame. Certificates will not be issued to students who have not fully paid their course.

Deferrals of courses enrolled rest on the Academy of Hair and Makeup’s discretion and deferral request to be submitted in writing.

The Academy of Hair and Makeup can provide 2 missed classes for free if the student is absent from any class day. This replacement class will be scheduled in with another group, provided their is an available seat, and must be attended within 12 month of their original course completion date. It is up to the student to email the Academy of Hair and Makeup to organise this. Scheduling more than 2 missed classes, or rescheduling the 2 missed classes for a second time or more, will result in an additonal fee of 10% of the total course cost per day .



As a student you agree not to hold liable the Academy of Hair and Makeup Pty Ltd or any of its trainers and participants for any injury or death of yourself or any person participating within the facility. You understand that the Academy of Hair and Makeup Pty Ltd does not inspect its products and tools and therefore release any liability, discharge and indemnify (including costs and solicitor fees including disbursements) the Academy of Hair & Makeup Pty Ltd and it’s trainers and participants for any loss, injury or damage from any cause, including negligence on it’s behalf or on behalf of it’s participants. This also extends to any other participants you invite into the premesis.

I acknowledge and agree to have photo’s and video’s taken of me or people I have invited to the premesis during my course(s) that are in association with the Academy of Hair & Makeup. These recordings will be used for marketing purposes only.

As a Parents or legal guardians of a minor who is participating as an enrolled student, I agree to accept full responsibility of the Terms & Conditions listed above on their behalf.

By ticking the Terms & Conditions, I acknowledge that I am of sound mind and body and agree to all the Terms & Conditions listed above

Terms & Conditions are subject to change at the discretion of the Academy of Hair & Makeup

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