Become an industry Ready Hair Makeup Artist


With over 25 years of knowledge and experience in one place, our Industry-Ready online makeup course is designed for anyone who is truly serious about becoming an independent, confident and working professional Makeup Artist.


Become an Industry Ready Professional Makeup Artist

About Our Online Course

  • Perfect for beginners and intermediates, our Industry-Ready professional Makeup Artist course will take you from complete novice to a qualified Makeup Artist ready to take on clients.
  • Our course comes with full-colour images, texts, video tutorials, quizzes and many hands-on assignments.
  • Watch detailed video tutorials featuring international Makeup Artist Alondra Gataé, and learn her how to create picture perfect 'Instagram Ready' glam makeup for all faces, ages, skin tones and genders.
  • Practice your makeup skills on yourself, friends, or family members. Go online and upload your assignment photos and receive personalised audio feedback.
  • Our self pace learning allows you to complete the course within 18 months, although most students usually take 3 months to complete.
  • Be a part of our regular online, interactive, group catch-up sessions, where you have the opportunity to share your achievements, challenges and ask any questions about your course and what you are learning directly to one of our teachers.
  • Join our online community platform for life time support and connect with our teachers and other professional artists.
  • Don't waste thousands of dollars on ready made kits, as makeup should always be a personal choice. Instead, learn how to choose the right products for you and purchase your products when you you are ready to. We will help get you starting by giving you access to our list of our recommended products.
  • Receive our certificate once you have finished your course and start your journey as a qualified professional Makeup Artist!

How It works

Step 1

Access Your Course Materials
When you enrol you will be granted instant access to your online account, so that you can get started immediately. We will also email you information about how you staying connected with us for ongoing lifetime support.

Step 2

Complete Your Modules
When you log on you will be able to access all course material, including all texts quizzes and videos. In order to progress with each module, you will need to complete the module quiz and submit photos of your assignments.

Step 3

Review Your Feedback
You’ll submit assignments at the end of each course unit, by uploading your pictures, your teacher will then review your photo and send you personalised audio feedback.

Step 4

Join our regular online catch-up meetings
We regularly hold live meetings online for our students to participate in. These meetings are a great opportunity to meet your teachers and other students who are also doing the same course. This is the perfect place to stay connected with us, ask questions about your course and share your achievements and challenges.

Step 5

Receive life time support!
When you enrol in our course you will be granted life time access to our online community where you will be able to reach out to us or any of our past and present students. A great place to meet other professional artists, network your business and share tips and tricks no matter where you are in the world!

Step 6

Receive your certificate
Once you have completed our course, you will receive our professional Makeup Artistry certificate, and you will be on your way to starting your exciting new career.

What Our Students Say About Us

Your Trainer

Australia's #1 Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist
One of Australia’s most influential Artists, with over 25 years of experience, specialising in the areas of bridal, glamour, fashion and editorial. Alondra Gataé specialises in the very glam, the very flawless, picture perfect hair and makeup. Travelling all around Australia and working for many years in Dubai, her A-List clients include Miss Australia, R&B Super Star Usher, Biggest Loser Host Tiffany Hall, Comedian and Youtube sensation Tanya Hennessy, So You Think You Can Dance judges, the Royal family of Dubai and more! Alondra Gataé has represented the following brands as a Senior Artist:
  • MAC Australia
  • MAC Dubai
  • CHANEL Dubai
  • CHANEL Australia
  • YSL Dubai
  • Christian Dior Australia
  • Napoleon Perdis Australia
  • Esteé Lauder Australia

What Our Students Say About Us

“I just graduated from the Academy of Hair & Makeup. The teachers are super supportive and have so much knowledge and experience in the industry that you come out industry ready. I would highly recommend the makeup course, it was amazing!”

Ellie Smith

Academy of Hair & Makeup Graduate

“Amazing amazing amazing!! Couldn’t recommend Alondra and the Academy any more! It’s so thorough with explanations and so helpful throughout the whole course. Absolutely loved this makeup course!”

Tiarne Frith

Academy of Hair & Makeup Graduate

“Love this course! If you want somewhere to start, or beginner, or just to perfect your skills, then this is perfect. The course and teachers are professional, supportive and they have made sure I was able to finish with confidence and with the belief that I can move forward to achieve my dream!”

Michelle Damon

Academy of Hair & Makeup Graduate

I just completed this course and feel equipped enough to start my career. I really like the little tips and tricks and the story behind their success, its really inspiring to go out and make it for myself, especially as a man working in this industry, they made it so comfortable and easy.

Robert Barsoum

Academy of Hair & Makeup Graduate

“First of all, Alondra is so beautiful and polite and it’s so pleasant to look and listen to her, even online. For me that’s the main thing, if someone is like that, then I can learn anything! Explains everything clearly and pushes us to be better and to ask questions about everything. It’s so personal. What an amazing course!”

Ivana- Eve/Prerad-Pejic

Academy of Hair & Makeup Graduate

“I have just started the course and it is absolutely sensational!! The trainers are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive; it’s well structured, in depth with both theory and fun practical work. I am so excited to see my progress and learning different styles. It’s worth the money and more! Highly recommend ☺”

Lannie N

Academy of Hair & Makeup Graduate

“The instructors and the course structure are amazing. It’s so personalized; the experience was very informative and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend! “

Meghna Kakarla

Academy of Hair & Makeup Graduate

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What Our Students Say About Us

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